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GFS Builders & Developers

Claiming a singular unit or an entire construction or land, let our specialists bear the commitment while you get the advantages. We have a team of trusted and qualified engineers, modelers, laborers, and related accomplices for any supportive or broad work/assigned undertaking of building and development or improvement of land on one-window-movement as well as on a turn-key reason with our state-of-the-art dominance and experience and with our selection and dedicated property oversight experts offering an entire day, regular correspondence help. GFS builders and developers ensure high standard turn of events, improvement organizations, and workmanship for yourself and your property, giving you an issue-free experience. GFS made it our business to keep over-the-engrave significance and standard as we, by and large, stay under the obligation and convey more.

what can we offer ?
our services


Developing land suggests the erection of designs or plans a ground or the distinction in land use. GFS builders and developers plan and build even and requested tasks for private and business purposes, which our critical clients and visitors revere.


Residential and commercial property suggests any improved, unaltered veritable property or a piece. Thereof, organized in the unincorporated locale of the area of unconcern, arranged or permitted to be used for home and business purposes, and will consolidate all designs and plans arranged on such property.


Housings societies deduced an overall population as the middle item; as per the continuous needs of the general population, we create condominiums, parts, and residences to give the accumulated and got a living spot for close to nothing medium families campaigned in a limited land with every one of the significant undeniable level workplaces you need, For instance, radio, CCTV cameras and so on.


Amenity land is the piece of the lakes, including indent culmination, another provincial parkland, and regional parkland. GFS builders and developers disclose service places to serve people in a better friendly and more enticing environment. For instance, mosques, parks, medical clinics, universities, etc. In restricted pay, working with quality materials gives trustworthy and secure structures.


Commercial land is a different category planned to pay for the procedure. Business land is surveyed particularly as opposed to commercial land and treated unmistakably by regions and structure providers. The value is rising reliably, yet business land can weave incredibly.


Industrial land is the most suitable for the port, harbor, present day, gathering or warehousing use. GFS builders and developers lead the prerequisites of their significant clients; we collect, plan and change business structures, workplaces, banks, petroleum siphons, markets, shops, Feasts, and, shockingly, industrial spots.

what people say
Big builders, trustful projects, best for investment and big profit.
Sami Khan - Buyer
If you value professionalism, punctuality, and reliability, then GFS is your choice.
Ali Abbas - Buyer
Very cooperative staff of GFS Builders & Developer. Doing good work on all projects in Karachi.
Salamat Ali - Buyer
By far it is a reliable and authenticated builder and developer that is doing well on almost all of its existing projects. I hope and pray that they continue to deliver and make GFS a brand of reliability. Best wishes and good luck.
S. M. Zia - Buyer
Sound trustworthy, good projects, and good deals too.
Zeeshan Siddiqui - Buyer
Good place and cooperative staff of GFS Builders & Developers
Kamran Khan - Buyer
GFS builder is providing good services as a builders and developers. They have launched various project all over Karachi. They are main official of Karachi T20 cricket team.
S. M. Ghazanfar - Buyer
One of the renowned & reliable builders & developers in real estate sector of Pakistan. The most famous projects of GFS are Seven Wonders City Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 in Karachi etc.
Amjad Ullah - Buyer
Best real estate builders and developers of 7 wonder cities in Karachi, Islamabad and now in Peshawar.
Muhammad Khan - Buyer
The search for the optimal apartment was fast, the paperwork went smoothly and all questions and suggestions were promptly addressed.
Raheel Khan - Buyer
Always responsive and helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.
Ishaq Ahmed - Buyer

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