Best Builders in Pakistan

Are you planning to come up with the opportunity for the best real estate investment in Pakistan? If so, let our experts help the overseas Pakistani find their dream project. Our professional team comprising on engineers, architects, workers and many more are equipped to handle projects of any size. We offer a wide range of services to meet all your real estate needs. Trust us to turn your investment goals into reality.

Let Us Take Care of Your Projects!



GFS Builders deal in the sales process of the real estate projects for the expat in UAE, UK and all across the world, in transparent and more dynamic ways Pakistani overseas want to experience. We believe in commitment along with responsibility what makes us different from our competitors in the market. Our team is ever ready to help you out with the sales of the property 24/7 keeping your budget in mind.


We have raised and embraced the real estate platform by targeting our sales and marketing services. Our contribution to the development sector spoke for itself in Pakistan. GFS Builders have a lot of projects to offer which signifies as glorious ones. We are your influential developers who are well-versed in modern construction methods.


At GFS Builders, our project management service has all the end-to-end solutions to take care of our clients. Our starting point is to understand our overseas Pakistani client’s vision and continue with the process which is crystal clear. You will find our team putting in effort aiming at giving the best to our clients. This is the reason which makes it possible for us to do the project delivery that meets the demand of the clients.

Project Supervision

Let us be your partner at providing you with project supervision and management services. We will take care of your commercial and residential projects both, this will enhance the quality project. This service is offered to clients who are planning to build their own homes or commercial spaces and expect our team to come and check on the quality for them.


Our focus revolve around the needs of our clients, those who dream to own a perfect property with all the amenities to enjoy with. You can always approach us in office and online to know more about the property which you plan to own. Whether looking for commercial or residential property we can provide you with detailed analysis.


Industrial land is ideal for port, harbour, manufacturing, or warehousing purposes. GFS Builders and Developers cater to the needs of valued clients, creating, designing, and transforming commercial structures, including offices, banks, gas stations, markets, shops, restaurants, and even industrial facilities.